Taxes and Surcharges

Tax and Surcharge Rates on your Phone Bill:

Type Current Rate Jurisdiction

Access Recovery Charge

$3.00/mo (where applicable) Federal

Alaska Universal Service Fund Surcharge (AUSF)

10% State (applies to local and intrastate services)

Bethel E911

$2.00/mo State (Local)

FCC End User Common Line Charge/Subscriber Line Charge

$6.50/mo Single Line Res or Bus; $9.20/mo Multi Line Bus Federal

Federal Excise Tax

3% Federal (applies to all local phone services)

Federal Universal Service Cost Recovery Charge (FUSC)

32.8% [eff 4/1/24] Federal (applies to interstate services)

Local Taxes

varies by location State (Local)

Network Access Fee (NAF)

$5.75/mo State (Local)

Regulatory Cost Charge

1.223% State (applies to local and intrastate services)

Universal Access Surcharge (UAS)

$0.01/mo Res-Bus-Multi Line Bus State

Tax and Surcharge Information