SWITCHED ACCESS SERVICE:  Integrated Services Digital Network Primary Rate Interface (ISDN PRI)

ISDN PRI Service is available in Bethel for $400.20 per month, and includes Caller ID.

Other monthly charges apply to this service:

  • ISDN Channel Charge:  $6.75, per channel
  • ISDN Line Port Charge:  $23.51
  • Subscriber Line Charge: ($9.25 each- max of 5) $46.00
  • Universal Access Surcharge:  ($.18 each- max of 5) $0.90
  • Network Access Fee:  ($5.75 each- max of 5) $28.75
  • Access Recovery Charge:  ($3.00 each- max of 5) $15.00

ISDN PRI Activation- per arrangement:  $350.00
ISDN Channel Activation or Modification:  $55.00

Description:  ISDN PRI service is a business class exchange service which includes network access and which is provided as an alternative to trunk-line services.  ISDN PRI is for customers such as Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and PBX users who need larger access to the network.  ISDN PRI service allows ISDN customer premise equipment (CPE) to build an interface(s) to the public switched network. This interface supports circuit switched voice and circuit switched data. These service arrangements must conform with the technical specifications of the Company. PRI digital transport is provided over a T1 facility. The connection of a 24 channel digital transport to the central office switch will provide one PRI interface.  ISDN PRI provides twenty-three B-channels and one D-channel (23B+D), delivered to the customer over a 4-wire interface with all channels, including the D channel, working at 64 kbps. The B channels carry circuit switched voice and data, while the D channel handles signaling information.


Digital Channel Service is available in most locations.

DS1 High Capacity Service:  UUI- $245.50; United-KUC- $400.00; Yukon Telephone- $400.00.

Digital Channel Charge- per channel:  UUI- $15.60; United-KUC- $10.00; Yukon Telephone- $10.00.

Other monthly charges apply to this service:

  • Digital Channel Charge:  $15.60 per channel
  • Digital Line Port Charge:  $23.51
  • Subscriber Line Charge: $9.25 each, max of 5
  • Universal Access Surcharge:  $.18 each, max of 5
  • Network Access Fee:  $5.75 each, max of 5
  • Access Recovery Charge:  $3.00 each, max of 5

DS1 HC Service Activation:  $350.00
Digital Channel Activation- per DS1:  $55.00

Description:  Digital Channel Service (DCS) is an intra-exchange multi-functional digital channel service which provides access transport between a customer’s premises and the serving central office over a single high capacity digital facility on a channelized basis. Digital Channel Service utilizes High Capacity Service, and the charge for High Capacity Service applies in addition to DCS charges.  Digital Channel Service is provided in capacity increments of 24 digital channels (DSOs) over a single DS1 facility. This service allows for two-way direct inward dial (DID). The charge for blocks of DID numbers to be used with DID functionality applies in addition to DCS charges.  Digital Channel Service is furnished subject to the availability of facilities. Special Construction charges may apply. The customer may activate any number of digital channels provided the number of digital channels activated does not exceed the total digital channel capacity. Once activated a digital channel is subject to a minimum service period.  All Digital Channel Service must be channelized in a single equipment location at the customer premises. Digital Channel Service cannot be split between customer premises or delivered to multiple locations within a customer premises.  The total number of digital channels activated by the customer may not, at any time, exceed the total Digital Channel Capacity.  DCS Customers must utilize MF or DTMF signaling to interface with the Utility’s switch.

DID Number Block

DID Number Block for ISDN PRI or Digital Channel Service- per block of 10:  $5.00 per mo

DID Block Installation:  $170.00


HC DS1 Local Special Access 1.544Mbps- per Channel Term

UUI- $245.50; United-KUC- $400.20; Yukon Telephone- $400.20

HC 1.544Mbps Activation:  $350.00


WAN (Wide Area Network) is available in most locations at the following rates:

  • 5Mbps- per port:    UUI- $232.00;   United-KUC- $267.00;  Yukon Telephone- $267.00
  • 10Mbps- per port:  UUI- $338.00;   United-KUC- $358.00;  Yukon Telephone- $358.00
  • 15Mbps- per port:  UUI- $376.00;   United-KUC- $412.00;  Yukon Telephone- $412.00
  • 20Mbps- per port:  UUI- $414.00;   United-KUC- $466.00;  Yukon Telephone- $466.00

Installation:  $450.00 per port
Service Order Charge for Install or Change:  $17.00
Subsequent Changes:  $360.00 per port

Description:  Wide Area Network (WAN) Service is a service used for the connection of Local (D) Area Networks (LANs). WAN service is provided on a point-to-point or multipoint service.  WAN Service serves as a LAN extension by providing a virtual private network that utilizes telephone company facilities from one customer premise to another customer premise in the same village. Customers must order a Port connection as a data link.  The electrical signals provided by WAN service at the network interface meet IEEE 802.3 requirements. At the central office, the network management information is used to maintain network performance and integrity. The following conditions apply:

  1. WAN Ports are provided using metallic or fiber facilities, or a combination thereof, at the option of the Utility. The Utility’s service responsibility is limited to that furnished by its own facilities.
  2. WAN facilities will be furnished for the specified purposes requested by the customer in a manner determined by the Utility. A port or facility furnished by the Utility may only be used for the specific purpose intended and may not be used for a combination of services.
  3. When transport occurs between and within central offices to connect a customer location, customers must purchase a WAN Port at each customer location. The number of ports in a multipoint arrangement is limited by the technological capabilities of the network.
  4. WAN Service complies with standards prescribed under IEEE 802.3. Maximum utilization will be typical for Ethernet LAN and may not achieve the full bandwidth rating of the stated service.
  5. Equipment interoperability cannot be guaranteed and may vary by manufacturer. In addition, there may be limitations on some proprietary protocols.
  6. WAN service can only be provided where facilities and equipment are available. Where possible, service will be provided over existing company facilities. Where suitable facilities are not available, it may be necessary to construct such facilities. Special construction charges may be assessed.
  7. The minimum service period is six (6) months.  If service is terminated prior to the end of the minimum service period, the customer is responsible for  reimbursing the company the difference between the rates actually charged and the rates that would have been charged through the minimum service period.

Additional taxes and surcharges apply to all the above services