Line Extensions

Line extensions and additions inside or outside the Base Rate Area or Supplemental Base Rate Area will only be done at full cost to the customer.

Line Extension charges are applicable when established by means of an extension to the utility’s plant consisting of buried wire, pole construction or subscriber line carrier and including extension by means of poles to be owned by the utility jointly with others and by means of contact space on poles of others for customer’s convenience when such construction will not normally be undertaken.

All line extensions will be owned and maintained by the utility. The routing of line extensions will be determined by the utility. The applicant, however, may furnish and set any required poles in excess of the distance for which there is no charge in accordance with construction standards of the utility in lieu of the pole line extension charges applicable, but in all instances the ownership of facilities and right-of-ways shall be entirely vested in the utility.

Line extension quotes will be provided to the customer before construction begins. Applicants are responsible for payment of all costs, which will include but not limited to material, labor, and travel charges, before construction begins. If the actual cost of construction is less than the estimate, the difference will be refunded to the customer. If the actual cost of construction is greater than the estimate the customer will not be responsible for any amount beyond the original quote in the line extension and service connection agreement. A line extension and service connection agreement will be in writing and will include the utility’s estimate of the customer’s costs, the terms and conditions of payment, estimated date of completion of the work, and be signed by the utility and the customer’s authorized representative.

When a customer on a project disconnects service, no refund is made of the line extension charge. On disconnection of service, those customers making monthly line extension charge payments are required to pay an amount equal to the total of the monthly line extension charge payment for the unexpired life of the contract.

When a customer disconnects service or moves off the project and service is established for a new applicant at the same location the new applicant may assume the line extension charge contract provided there is no lapse in payments.

Should additional customers request service requiring a line extension, each customer will share the cost proportionately.